Black movies like Do The Right Thing, Mo’ Better Blues, and The MaDear Franchises are well-known and well-viewed. The previously listed movies had plenty of build-up and advertising support behind them. That word-of-mouth and marketing support helped drive viewers into theaters. Check out these five movies from Black writers and producers. They’re largely unsung, sadly obscure, and extremely underrated. Despite all that, we bet you’ll enjoy them! 

  1. Sister Code
    Following the death of their foster mother, three sisters rediscover the importance of family support as they learn to band together. Starring Amber Rose, Eva Marcille, and Drew Sidora as a free-spirited designer, a driven businesswoman, and the proverbial family caregiver, Sister Code is funny, touching, and enlightening as you watch the sisters learn to appreciate their individualities and learn how they can work together to help each other create successful lives, careers, and families.
  2. Chameleon Street
    Cunningly depicting a professional impostor, Chameleon Street tells the story of a skilled con artist who impersonates everyone from surgeons to professional athletes all in a bid to get ahead in life. Hailed as one of the “first films to examine how mellifluously race, class, and role-playing morph into the social fabric of America,” this 1989 movie is a satirical look at one black man’s life in Detroit.
  3. Breathe
    Breathe is an amazing look at one woman’s journey to pregnancy and how her dream pregnancy turns into a 9-month nightmare. It’s inspired by the unbelievable true story of one woman’s determination to find answers to her extraordinarily difficult pregnancy. Her elation is followed by frustration and anguish as she tries to get someone, anyone, to pay attention to her symptoms and take her innate fears as seriously as she does. Doctors, and even her husband at points, chalk her complaints up to sympathy seeking exaggeration – until things take a terrible turn.
  4. Christmas Wedding Baby
    Christmas weddings have the beautiful holiday background and magical charm of the holiday season as their backdrop. In Christmas Wedding Baby, three sisters each search for their own happy ending as one struggles through a difficult pregnancy, one is obsessed by her career, and one prepares to marry her handsome, loving fiancé. Imagine her surprise when she discovers that her ex-boyfriend has been hire as the wedding photographer. Hilarity ensues and her happy ending is threatened.
  5. Hunter Gatherer 
    After serving a three-year prison term, a surprisingly optimistic man heads back to his old neighborhood in search of his pre-prison girlfriend. He’s saddened and charmingly surprised to find that she’s moved on with her life. So, he sets out to find a new hustle and win back the heart of the woman he never forgot. This character-driven movie has characters you’ll love and beautifully portrays the never-ending pull of friendship. 

These five movies portray prison life and its aftermath, weddings and their celebrations and complications, the family ties that make us or break us, and how Black lives are affected by the relationships and choices we make. Add these five Black films to your must-see list, then come back and share your reviews. You might just inspire another Black movie lover to add one to their collection.