I love Black Movies. I love making them, watching them, and sharing them. Seeing faces that look like mine and lives that resemble my everyday life as a Black woman in America is powerful! Some of the movies I love include, Hard Time Bus, Tales from the Blood Fairies, and Reformed, just to name a very few. I have long had an obsession with Black cinema and the magic it brings to life via its short movies and full-length feature films. There’s power behind seeing people like me, doing the things I do, using the colloquialisms I use, and sharing the experiences and challenges I regularly cope with on my screen.  

One day I realized that my love of Black movies, appreciation of Black moviemakers and directors, and pride in Black actors is not unique to me. Knowing the challenges they face in this cutthroat movie industry only increases that appreciation. And, I knew I wasn’t the only Black person to feel that sense of pride and pleasure. I happily discovered that there are many Black movie fans who eagerly await and anxiously anticipate the next Black movie. We love uncovering hidden gems and obscure movies and sharing them with friends and family.    

Reel-365 lets me do more than simply collect amazing Black movies. It also gives me the chance to provide Black a peek into the Black movie industry with updates and discussions. You can see a lot of these interviews and chats on my YouTube channel. I’ve had the amazing thrill of interviewing Black movie greats like writer, producer, and director, Dreka Shevon of Prime Stone Media, Indie Filmmaker Omari Matlock, director Maurice Dortch, and actor Corey Hendrix. Those interviews and interactions have been an amazing part of my filmmaker journey. That’s right – I’m a filmmaker, myself. My production company, New Phoenix Entertainment, gives me the creative outlet I need to script stories that make people listen, laugh, love and learn. Much of my work has been accepted into a variety of movie festivals, featured via television and radio programming, and has brought laughter and joy to Black people all over the world.  

 Now I’m blazing a new trail and bringing Reel-365 to the Black movie fan community. I think it’s important for Black people to have access to Black films. I think it’s important that we talk to each other about them. I think it’s important that we start sharing them with the next generation of movie lovers. That’s why I’ve created Reel-365. It’s a 24-hour a day, 7-day a week, 365-day a year look at all Black films, all the time. With pay-as-you-go and monthly memberships, I’m working hard to bring Black movie makers and Black movie lovers together. The Reel-365 movie collection is available in the comfort of your home through the technology of live streaming. Go ahead and browse my movie collection and help me get these trailblazing filmmakers the recognition and audiences they deserve. Forget about Netflix and Chill. I’m here so you can Reel-365 and Relax!