I absolutely love an extended music video that views like a short movie.  Jay-Z released a video for his track Family Feud and it is hot, doesn't disappoint.  It's packed with Hollywood names, Omari Hardwick, Michael B Jordan, Thandie Newton, Niecy Newton, Rosario Dawson, Blue Ivy, and Beyonce, just to name a few.  Ava DuVernay directed the video, she is staying very busy.  The video is set in a future where "founding mothers" came together to plan out how the government will be run.  Pic below of some of the talented ladies from the scene.

One of the characters in the video, Native American Irene Bedard, portrays a president and was thankful for being able to represent Native cultures by way of her dress, tattoos, and language.  She speaks more about her experiences doing the video in this interview:

Irene Bedard Discusses Her Role as a Native Madame President in Jay-Z Family Feud Video

Jay Z Family Feud screen grab
Credit: Tidal

If you haven't seen the video and are not a subscriber to Tidal, check it out on YouTube.