Reel-365 was created with three simple goals mind.

UNIQUE culture

Movie lovers


Filmmaker Community

Our first goal
is to embrace the unique cultural, lifestyle, and entertainment choices of the Black community. From stand-up comedy to political issues to church to education, the Black community brings its own unique flavor to every aspect of life. That includes the way we watch movies and the movies we choose to watch and support. Gone are the days when Black actors were given only minor roles in movies. Today Black actors, filmmakers, movie producers, and audiences are writing, creating, filming, producing, supporting, and enjoying high-quality short movies and full-length feature films. Reel-365 is proud of these pioneering entertainment makers and the movie buffs who love them.

Our second goal
is to provide a community of Black movie lovers with a steady stream of engaging, everchanging content. New movies are introduced in mainstream movie theaters every day, including movies that feature superb, award-winning Black actors, movie makers and directors. The difference in having a Reel-365 membership is that you get those movies and others you’d otherwise miss out on available for you to view 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. You avoid long lines and expensive movie tickets by streaming top quality videos when you want to watch them, where you want to watch them. With a Reel-365 membership, you’re in complete control of your entertainment choices.

Our third goal
is to help Black filmmakers find an outlet for the movies and films they work so hard to create. Let’s face it – Black films (especially independent Black films) don’t have as much access to commercial movie theaters as other films do. Reel-365 is changing that. We’re not only embracing and celebrating Black movies, we’re making them available to an entire community of people who want to pick up exactly what you’re putting down. Attention-grabbing plot lines, heartwarming characters, even characters you love to hate – if you’ve captured it on film, we want to help you showcase it.

Founded by a black woman,
Toneka Wright, Reel-365 is proudly breaking down barriers to Black movie making, Black movie distribution, and Black movie viewing. We’re doing that because we love seeing “our” faces on film, “our” creative people find their outlet, and “our” unique entertainment needs met. Toneka knew she wasn’t alone in wanting the right kind of movies, her way. So, she set out to create a place where movie fans could enjoy the movies they love – created by us and for us – in the comfort of their home, or on their favorite portable devices. So Reel-365 was born.

evolved into an online, digital community of movie makers and movie lovers. There’s nothing like Reel-365 for the best membership based, online movie streaming. Our members enjoy 24-hour access to the best Black movies available. Our featured filmmakers appreciate the ease of reaching their target demographic in one convenient location. We’re not building a movie club. No run-of-the-mill, bland movies here. No sorting through thousands of movies to find the ones you love with characters and storylines you can truly relate to. We’re breaking the mold and building an online global community of Black men and women who enjoy, support, and share Black movies. Come join us.

To Our Sucess,

We bring you fascinating films from some of the best Black filmmakers and producers
hidden gems you might otherwise miss out on.