Who doesn’t love movies? Especially quality movies that resonate with your soul.
The commercial movie landscape is littered with all types of films dealing with several subjects, ranging in myriad genres. What is truly missing in today’s movie market however, is an equitable selection and distribution of really good films by African-descent filmmakers. It isn’t that this category of filmmakers doesn’t exist; but for some reason there is no single outlet that showcases their collective talent to an appreciative targeted audience.
Reel-365 is a company of Black filmmakers who seek to remedy this problem. Instead of kvetching about how inequitable the movie industry is, we decided to take matters into our own hands and right the wrong ourselves. We travel around the globe attending Black film festivals. Some films are picked up by industry outlets; but the majority are not. These films are quite often stirring, well-acted, well-written, and well-produced works. But for any number of reasons, the films languish after their festival run ends. The thought occurred to us: Why not feature these films in a video-on-demand platform where distribution is electronically global? Audiences whose demographic is ignored at the box office, would have a pipeline to movies for them-and-by-them; and filmmakers who have been marginalized in the mainstream movie media would have the perfect venue to showcase their work to the world.

Reel-365 recognizes the importance and the hunger of the underserved movie population of Black America, and peoples of African descent around the world. It is our vision to be a refreshing oasis of black movie entertainment for a community of movie-lovers and supporters that have been neglected and rejected for far too long.


Anthony Greene


Native Washingtonian Anthony Greene is a self-described film lover.  His written and produced several short and feature films.  His award-winning production company, Skyrocket Productions, produces high quality films, television commercials, music videos, and film festivals.

Film Titles: 

  • The Henchman's War
  • Thick


Deborah is an award winning independent Producer/Writer/Director and founder of Diasporic Communications, a multi-media consultancy. She is recipient of The International Black Independent Film, Video & Screenplay Competition Screenplay Finalist award for the screenplay "Dreammakers" (Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame Inc.) and for PBS Deborah was recipient of the National Black Programming Consortium, "Prized Pieces" Award for the documentary "Mudra Afrique," shot on location in Senegal West Africa.

 Film Title:

  • Choices



“Shortly after releasing a children’s book, Lori decided to add filmmaker to her resume as another form of storytelling. Her first project, a screenwriting competition, won her a spot as a finalist in the 2008 Nickelodeon Writing Fellowship Lab competition, sponsored by the American Black Film Festival. Her second project, a 90 second film competition, won the 2009 Allstate Insurance Be Reel Community Voice Film contest (optioned by Burrell Communications for The Root). Since then, Lori's short films Two Weeks, When Life Gives You Shoestrings, and Unraveled have been finalists and winners in several film competitions. She’s gone on to direct several music videos, a web-TV series, and is now in pre-production for a web series.

Titles: When Life Gives You Shoestrings & UnRaveled


IA filmmaker, constant student of film and visionary from the Southside of
Chicago, Maurice Dortch has written and directed award winning films.  He is very active in his local film community and takes supporting indie film very seriously.

Title: Don’t Bite the Apple 


New Jersey writer and director of several short and feature screenplays, with experience writing in any genre.

Film Title:

  • New Leaf


Filmmaker Rakeem Harris wears many hats, writer, producer, cinematographer, director, film editor are only a few. He’s worked on movies and several music videos. His marketing of his film, Stepped On, should be used as a template for indie filmmakers.

Film Title:

  • Stepped On

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